Behind the Scenes


Author & Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint

He is an entrepreneur, a coach, a prolific speaker and an author. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Content Marketing and the founder of the “Content Marketing Institute”, and “Content Marketing World”, the largest content marketing event in the world which is hosted annually in Cleveland, Ohio.

Social Media Consultant

“My life is my message”

She is a smart, sensitive and an approachable woman. She is passionate about her work and has great empathy with others. She is both daring and genuine in her personal and professional life and she shows it every day on her social profiles to her large number of followers. Marji J. Sherman is a globally known social media strategist that has been featured in The Growth Factor, Inc. Magazine, Jay Baer’s Social Pros podcast, and other publications. 

International Personal Mentor

“Manage your Energy, not your Time”

Mark Sephton is an International personal mentor to entrepreneurs located in Coventry and Warwickshire, he has numerous customers, both national and internationally. Mark is someone who serves as an example, an advisor, a sounding board and ultimately a friend. He has recently launched his first publication “Inside Job” an amazing and inspiring  book written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.

Voice Actor

Voice Overs are my passion, I will always give 100% to every project I work on

He has been awarded with several prizes in recognition of his work as a Voice Actor. He has worked for Marvel Comics, History Channel, Amazon, Ford and S2 Games. We talked with Jay Britton, an English voice actor, with an outstanding professional career within the audio-visual sector. Jay is a passionate person and his voice is versatile and adaptable for any project. He performs hundreds of character voices as well as being able to perform over 20 different accents.

Social Media Consultant

“Do well, and make sure it is known about”

He is a social media and technology addict, passionate and knowledgeable of the 2.0 world and of the business sector. These are some of the confessions of José Antonio Antolín, “Jota” in social networks, who one day decided to make a leap by leaving Banking to devote himself to Social Media Consulting. With strong analytical skills  José Antonio discusses with us some aspects of social media, business in the digital world and its objectives. 

Voice Over, Marketer & Musician

“You have to be yourself”

Manuel Naranjo is an Excellent Professional Voice Over. He records documentary, narrations, commercials, promotions and tv spots for a broad range of Spanish, German and Swiss companies that rely on his experience for audiovisual media. Thanks to his talent as musician and singer, Manuel was chosen in 2013 to participate in the Switzerland TV show “The Voice”. We talk about his work and his thoughts about the industry.

CEO English Metas, Digital Consultant


Creative, versatile, entrepreneuring and provocative. These are some of the characteristics that define Andrew Funk, an American businessman, settled in Barcelona, leading an English Academy for business professionals, who promotes his initiatives and projects in social media, where he has built an innovative and original personal brand.
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