8 Women with a movie camera


Early French cinema pioneer Alice Guy Blaché who directed hundreds of films between 1896 and 1920


Dorothy Arzner, Hollywood’s most prolific female studio director, directing Merrily We Go to Hell (1932)


British screenwriter and director Muriel Box, who won an Oscar with her husband Sydney for their screenplay for The Seventh Veil in 1945


Chinese-American producer and director Esther Eng, who shot films in both Hong Kong and the USA between 1937 and 1949


American film great Shirley Clarke made independent documentaries and features for over four decades


Norwegian writer-director Anja Breien directed 14 films between 1969 and 2005


Former bacteriologist and journalist Jessie Maple was the first black woman to gain entry to New York’s camera operator’s union, and with Will (1981) directed the first independent American feature by a black woman


Sophia Coppola

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