Movie Director Portraits by Stellavie & Julian Rentzsch

“Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me” Tim Burton

German design studio Stellavie have in collaboration with the multi-faceted artist Julian Rentzsch release a series of amazing posters, portraying and paying homage to some of the most creative directors in cinema history.  Each piece revolves around a partly shaded illustration of the directors face and is absolutely packed with elements and references from some of their most iconic films. The quality of these prints are simply amazing. They’re printed on textured, acid-free cotton paper with museum-quality inks and is signed and numbered by Mr. Rentzsch himself.  They’re available on Stellavie’s website.

Tim Burton

“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible” Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

Martin Scorsese

“When I’m making a film, I’m the audience” Martin Scorsese

Stanley Kubrick

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed” Stanley Kubrick

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