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Mass Media

We know what makes a good story and have established relationships with reporters that we cultivate to get the job done. Our prior experience as journalists helps us, as we understand what reporters need and how they think. We work in all media across film, home entertainment, television, games, theatre, performing arts, publishing and corporate PR.
Our services include:


– Journalistic and advertising communication, media outreach, news distribution
– Video news releases, editorial calendar management, newsletters
– Scheduling and facilitating media interviews, press conferences, reports
– Articles, Editorials, Documentaries
– Multimedia Content Production and Management


Video is the strongest and most persuasive form of communication to share your brand’s story, and our agency has mastered the art of storytelling. Our  team learns the ins and outs of your brand and its mission to craft compelling video content for a campaign designed to take advantage all communications channels to distribute your brand’s story.
We take you through the entire video production process: creating a commercial concept, planning  the script, locations, dates, and times. Setting up our studio for your shoot, or going on location to highlight your company. Editing the video and audio to a professional quality.
Our Video Production services include:


– Production and post-production, concept creation, scriptwriting-storyboarding
– Documentary profiles, Voice over. SEO strategy
– Advertising, corporate, industrial and promotional videos,
– Viral marketing, dubbing, audio production
– Corporate content production and management



Social Media Marketing


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