“I am a Catalan” 45 years ago, to the day, the discourse of “history” of Pau Casals at l’UN

Pau Casals
Was 45 years ago, to the day, Pau Casals delivered  his historical speech at the United Nations on the occasion of the awarding of the medal of Peace that he was awarded by the secretary-general of the United Nations of the time, U Thant. It was the October 24, 1971.
 The speech of Pau Casals at the united nations, October 24, 1971 : 
“This  is the greatest honor I have received in my life. Peace has always been the biggest of my worries. Already as a child, I learned to love it. When I was little, my mother, an exceptional woman of genius, I talked about it already, because at that time also there were many wars.
In addition, I am a Catalan. Well before England, it was in Catalonia that we find the first democratic Parliament. And it is in my country  that have been created for the first nations. At this time, in the Eleventh century, the Catalans met in Toulouges, France today, to talk about peace, because at that time, the Catalans were already against, AGAINST war.
It is for this reason that the United Nations, who only work to the ideal of peace, have a place in my heart, because anything that affects the peace to me is right at the heart […] It’s been a long time that I no longer play the cello in public, but I believe that it is my duty to do so on this occasion.
I’ll play a melody of folklore catalan : El Cant dels ocells (the Song of The birds). When they fly through the sky, the birds are singing “peace, peace, peace” (peace, peace, peace), a melody that would have won the admiration and love of Bach, Beethoven and all the great masters.
A melody that emanates, more, the soul of my people, Catalonia.”
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