“I don’t understand this profession without the daily challenge”

La actriz Assumpta Serna.  Foto www.fundacionfirstteam.org

Actress in 20 countries, 103 movies, 38 series, 20 international awards. She has worked with directors including  Almodóvar, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Carlos Saura, Bigas Luna and Pedro Masó. Her undeniable acting talent has led her to participate in more than 20 European productions sharing the cast with actors of the calibre of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Antonio Banderas, Max Von Sydow, Ray Winstone, Mickey Rourke and Giuliano Gemma, among others. Her performances have been hailed in popular British TV series such as “Sharpe”  and “Henry VIII” for the BBC. Her recent work includes a role in the series “Borgia”, the European series with the biggest ever budget. She is now throwing herself into the First Team School and Foundation created fifteen years ago with her husband Scott Cleverdon.

Scott y yo en Borgia 2011-2014

Assumpta Serna &  Scott Cleverdon, Borgia 2011-2014

– Of the various characters you’ve played during your long career, which one proved most challenging and why?

I do not understand this profession without the daily challenge. This profession allows you to expand your knowledge daily, be a specialist in understanding the attitudes and desires of any person, trained in skills such as leadership, teamwork, committed to achieving a more just society, selecting projects not only to make a good living but also to be a mirror of problems and conflicts, exposing doubts and suggesting solutions…My last character of Vanozza Catanei in the most expensive series in Europe, was a creative challenge, not only due to shooting in another language, but shooting with actors with over 23 nationalities and meeting great film and TV professionals.

– Which character would you have liked to have played? And which director would you like to work with?

I like to work with any director who respects creative teamwork, whose mission is sharing issues affecting specific audiences, especially women over 40, children, the disabled,
As a character, I would like to do more comedy films, I’ve done them in other countries. I would like to work with international directors such as Almodovar, Amenabar and many young directors aimed at making works that are projected internationally.
Yo la peor de todas
El Maestro de Esgrima

– Of all the awards you have won throughout your career, which was the best and why?

Of the more than 20 international awards, perhaps that in Chicago for the character of “I, the Worst of All”  or the Cognac Festival for “El Maestro de Esgrima”.  For me, it is a recognition that since 1993 I have been active in the Academy of Hollywood and I have been able to represent Spain in the European Academy for eight years, winning awards from the European Film Academy in Barcelona.

– Could tell us a story from behind the scenes?

When it was so cold in Russia filming a series called “Sharpe” where I played the character of Agustina of Aragon character, I put newspaper under my clothes. All the English actors copied my method. Or when filming “El Maestro de Esgrima” I stuck the sword in the teeth of Omero Antonutti. It wasn’t entirely my fault as he had not practiced fencing and did not move in time, but I’ve always regretted it.

Actress, teacher, producer
and President of Foundation  First Team.



A few of her many films are: 

Uncertainty (2008) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel

Pedro Almodóvar‘s Matador (1986)

El maestro de esgrima (1992) directed by Pedro Olea,  

Yo, la peor de todas (1990), María Luisa Bemberg‘s film,

Jóvenes y brujas (1996) for Columbia Tri Star 

Samuel Fuller‘s The Day of Reckoning

Orquídea salvaje (1989), opposite Mickey Rourke

Nostradamus de Roger Christian (1994), with Rutger Hauer and F. Murray Abraham 

Círculo de pasiones (1983), with Max von Sydow

El afinador de terremotos (2005) by the Quay Brothers and produced by Terry Gilliam 

Desvío al paraíso (1994) with Charles Dance

Aquí no hay quien viva (2003)

Borgia(2011), written and produced by Tom Fontana, shown in 35 countries.

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