“Do well, and make sure it is known about”

Jose Antonio Antolín - Social Media Consultant

He is a social media and technology addict, passionate and knowledgeable of the 2.0 world and of the business sector. These are some of the confessions of José Antonio Antolín, “Jota” in social networks, who one day decided to make a leap by leaving Banking to devote himself to Social Media Consulting. With strong analytical skills  José Antonio discusses with us some aspects of social media, business in the digital world and its objectives. He speaks clearly and forcefully, being a charismatic person both in real and digital life, and has already begun to gain recognition for his professionalism. One such recognition is particularly excited for him: it was devised by the businesswoman , Susan Gilbert, and places him at the in 15th place in the klout index, among the Top 50 Social Media Influencers.

What motivates you to delve into the digital world after you’ve dedicated so many years to the banking sector?

I finished my university studies specializing in Trade Policy, Marketing and Advertising, but I entered the world of banking early, working in it for almost 25 years. Over time traditional banking no longer interested me and a good day I decided to make the leap to devote myself full-time to Social Media Consultancy, focused mainly on companies.

Tell us three essential qualities that a good Social Media Consultant should have

Although I think they are more than three, I stick to the question and I’ll tell you:  1-Be social, otherwise you are off to a bad start. 2- Empathy, much of it, gushing out. 3-. Adaptability, social media is constantly evolving so it is very important to adapt to changes and continuously train.

Approximately, how much time do you spend on the computer every week?

If I start to add up hours, taking into account that I need to add the smartphone and the tablet, I obtain more than three days.

A word or expression that you like …

Do well, and make sure it is known about

What is the most surprising thing you have learned about digital marketing in recent years?

Digital marketing is building itself on trial & error, one learns quite a lot by analyzing specific instances of large companies that have failed to respond to a critical situation that has arisen. It’s hard to come up with something concrete, but it is very clear that empathy is the great achievement for any campaign brands attempt to succeed in. The specific weight of consumers is now more relevant than ever, they are the ones who wield the power of the brand, and the latter has to be very aware of them and their feedback.

Any other types of businesses you are often tempted by?

Anyone related to technology in general, is a subject that fascinates me.

Waht are you addicted to?

Undoubtedly the Social Media, and therefore also to technology

What comes after the consumer society?

I think collaborative society in all areas and at all levels. The digital ecosystem is changing our lives and will change our mentality in  understanding things. We see crowdfunding projects come forward, cities improving through digital projects, society interacts more and better (the society that wishes to interrelate, of course). Now it remains to be seen whether the cooperative society will lead to collective intelligence.

Do you believe that new digital professions are experiencing their own bubble?

They might. It is well known that when something new comes an accelerated explosion occurs even though, as usual, everything eventually returns to normal and stabilizes. The crisis experienced in recent years (and from which we have not recovered yet) also helps the bubble grow but I’m absolutely sure that everything will be normalized.

Do you have one or more favorite blogs on Marketing or issues in general?

Complicated question, not because its answer is, but because the candidates are many (my favorites list in my browser is becoming more extensive every time), however I will mention some of my usual (I beg the pardon of the others, but we could have an extremely long answer):
In English the blogs of:
– Susan Gilbert (www.susangilbert.com, @susangilbert)
– Carl Ramallo (www.attractionmarketingbiz.com, @carlramallo)
– Jan Gordon (www.curatti.com, @janlgordon)
– Kim Garst (www.kimgarst.com, @kimgarst)
– Jeff Bullas(www.jeffbullas.com, @jefffbullas)

And how we are goign to finish the interview?

Look, with a combination of two of my favorite quotes on social media: “We have no choice than engaging in Social Media, so let’s try to do well, and remember that behind every email, post, tweet, etc … there is always a human being.”

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