“Content Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint”

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He is an entrepreneur, a coach, a prolific speaker and an author. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Content Marketing and the founder of the “Content Marketing Institute”, and “Content Marketing World”, the largest content marketing event in the world which is hosted annually in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe is also author and co-author of  “Get Content Get Customers”, recognized as the handbook for content marketing, as well as “Managing Content Marketing”, and “Content Inc.”.  His most recent book, “Epic Content Marketing”, was named one of “Five Must Read Business Books of 2013” by Fortune Magazine.  Among his many awards, Joe was voted “Custom Media Innovator of the Year” by American Business Media and Who’s Who in Media Business by BtoB Magazine. Pulizzi calls himself a “Content Marketing Evangelist”. He travels around North America and Europe teaching audiences about content, publishing and social media. Joe Pulizzi exemplifies the true meaning of leading. He exudes energy, displays enthusiasm and projects cheerfulness. His attitude is nothing short of contagious. We talk with the King of Content, Joe Pulizzi, a passionate man about his job, family and  the orange color.  

  1. Why do you love content marketing so much? 

Because it’s attention that has to be earned, not purchased or bought.
  1. Please, tell us about 5 essential elements to achieve a quality Content Marketing 

– Identify a content niche where you can be the leading informational provider
– Identify a defined and targeted audience where you are seeking behavioral change in some way.
– Publish amazing content, focusing on one content type and one platform.
– Consistently publish over a long period of time.
– Focus on building an opt-in audience (email subscribers)
  1. May you please quote brands that you admire for its storytelling and why? 

Copyblogger Media – for building an audience first without focusing on selling through that channel until a loyal audience was built.
LEGO – Everything they do, even their paid media, involves storytelling.
Marriott – For putting the flag in the ground with the goal of becoming the leading informational provider in the travel/tourism industry.


  1. What is your favorite type of content, and why?

Email newsletter content.  It’s not the most exciting, but in most cases it’s email where the commerce magic happens in content marketing.
  1. What kind of relationship do content marketing and SEO have between them? 

Very much linked.  Consistent, relevant content is the core of getting found in search engines.  Getting found in search could be a major goal for the organization.
Can you do one without the other and still succeed?
Of course…John Deere is the largest media company in the agricultural industry, by sending a print and digital magazine.  None of that has anything to do with SEO.

"Most content marketing programs fail for lack of planning and lack of consistency. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.
Most brands give up before they see real audience growth."

  1. Why do most content marketing programs fail? ¿How can it be avoided? 

Most content marketing programs fail for lack of planning and lack of consistency.  Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.  Most brands give up before they see real audience growth.
For brands to succeed in content marketing, they need to target a small niche, a very targeted audience, and deliver value consistently over time.  It’s actually a pretty simple model.


  1. How can a small business owner make time to fit content marketing into their day? 

I believe SMBs need to make content the core of their business model first.  If the business can build a loyal audience over time, they can then sell pretty much whatever they want.  You either make time to do this, prefer not to grow, or go out of business.

"We are just at the beginning of the content marketing revolution."

  1. You travel all around the globe talking to business owners. How do you think Content Marketing is advancing in the different countries you have visited? 

We are just at the beginning of the content marketing revolution.  Even in the United States where we are pretty advanced in the concept, we are only at the very early stages.  Content marketing usually involves a culture change of some time…change is hard.
Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi chats with actor William Shatner at the Content Marketing World 2013 conference in Cleveland.

Joe Pulizzi chats with actor William Shatner at the Content Marketing World 2013 Conference in Cleveland.

Kevin Spacey met de 'godfather' van het Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi

Kevin Spacey with Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing World 2014 Conference in Cleveland.

  1. You’ve written four books now. How has content marketing changed since 2009, when you published “Get Content Get Customers”? 

First, you don’t have to tell people what it is…that’s a great benefit.  Most people at least get the basic concept.  Second, most organizations are doing some form of content marketing, and have one or multiple people working on content-related projects.  Third, we are starting to see

"If your content is for everybody, it's for nobody."

  1. What’s next for content marketing? How will might it evolve in the coming years? 

I think we just continue to grow and evolve.  We’ve been doing paid targeted media for 70 years now, and that is where the majority of our time, attention and money has been spent.  Finally we are seeing some of that investment move over to content marketing.  I’m excited to see the possibilities.


11. Please, tell us a quote you like and you feel identified with

If your content is for everybody, it’s for nobody.


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Joe Pulizzi
Founder at Content Marketing Institute
Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur 


  • 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award winner (Content Council)
  • 2015 Smart Business Smart 50 Award Winner
  • Ernst & Young 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year finalist
  • CMI is a 2012, 2013, 2014& 2015 Inc. 500 company
  • CMI is a 2012, 2013 & 2014 Weatherhead 100 Winner
  • Founder, The Orange Effect Foundation
  • Board advisor, OpenView Venture Partners (Boston, MA)
  • Board member, Cleveland Press Club
  • Former board member, Custom Content Council
  • Former board member, Easter Seals Northern Ohio
  • American Business Media Custom Media Innovator of the Year (2008)
  • Named Most Influential Content Strategist by Lavacon, as well as Content Marketer of the Year  (Contently)
  • 2013 Positively Cleveland Champion Spokesman
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