8 Rules for Effective Content

Developing an efficient and successful content marketing strategy is not as easy as creating quality content and distributing it to your target group. A good campaign needs careful planning, research and implementation. If done right, a good content marketing campaign can do a lot for your company in terms of branding, SEO, web traffic, conversion rates and web experiences. In order to be effective at content marketing, there are a few essential rules to follow:
Content Rule 1: Accessible.  Easily accessed across multiple devices. The explosion and continuing growth of smartphone adoption means that your content will be consumed on a number of different devices.
Content Rule 2: Shareable. The value of the content motivates sharing.  Make your content valuable enough that people will feel they have to share it.
Content Rule 3: Memorable.  Content delivers something unique.  Write Something Completely Different.
Content Rule 4: Measurable. Content is tied to metrics. Make sure what you create is being tracked so it can be properly evaluated.
Content Rule 5: Credible. Content is accurate and well-written. You can have the best blog post ever, but poor grammar damages your reputation.
Content Rule 6: Actionable.  The viewer can participate and interact. Effective content allows for participation and interaction.
Content Rule 7: Purposeful.  Purpose of the content is tied to biz goals. Decide ahead of time what your objectives are and make sure any calls to action are properly aligned.
Content Rule 8: Indisposable. Content is a resource for your audience.
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