8 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

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SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and is used as a key tool for website owners to get more traffic to the website. What does it do? It’s a way of analysing and building websites so that they can be found a lot easier when they are indexed by the search engines.


Many companies under-estimate the power of the web and how it can help your business.  Search engines such as Google & Bing are fast becoming the first place people look when wanting to find a company, product or service.

Here’s Why SEO Is So Important For Your Business


1.- Is good for social media  A webpage with high rankings will also gain more social media exposure. The relationship between SEO and social media is by-directional. Social media popularity is good for SEO purposes and SEO brings more social media visibility.


2.- Build a customer database via a newsletter  A good SEO approach means more traffic and a great way to build a dedicated fan base through RSS feeds and newsletter.


3.- Builds brand awareness through better rankings  It’s a fact that users are more likely to trust a brand when it appears in the top pages of search engine rankings. This is not the 90’s anymore and search engines play a very important role in building or destroying a brand.


4.- Helps you Create a better and more user friendly website for users  When users are happy, so are the search engines.


5.- Finds new customers and assist growth  Did you know what business that have a website, on average, grow twice as fast as those that don’t. SEO will help you gain better rankings in search engine result pages and this translates to more targeted visits and essentially to more customers.


6.- Explores new markets  A successful SEO campaign will help you find new markets and explore new economies.


7.- Achieves better conversion rates  Visitors to your website are more likely to become customers with an SEO optimised website.


8.- Helps Bypass competition  If one company has an SEO optimised website and the other doesn’t, all else being equal, the company with the SEO on their site should be the more successful one.
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