6 Ways to Create Engaging Content

It has never been more important to create engaging content to drive traffic from your social media posts to your website in order to generate leads and ROI from your social media activities. Here are some simple steps to follow to create engaging content for your social media platforms.
Use the Active Voice
Long, droning passive voice sentences are okay for legal docs and long procedural guides. When it comes to your blog post, keep the voice active. Your reader must be able to relate to the information you’re presenting in a live sense. The purpose will be totally defeated if your blog reads like old prose.
Make your Content a ‘must read’
You make your content irresistible by creating a killer headline. Shocking, funny, unusual, informative headlines are best. As there is so much ‘noise’ online, the whole point is to catch your reader’s attention in the first place. Most people interested in your industry would probably look at a ‘How to’ headlines. You might also capture their attention by turning it into a direct question. You could incorporate an astounding fact. It’s important to get over the benefit to the reader right away.
Conduct Interviews
One final content creation strategy that’s universal to all industries and all types of consumers is the expert interview.  The concept is simple: find an expert that your audience knows and respects, interview him or her, and post the resulting content on your website.  You get content that’s pretty much built for you, your readers get invaluable advice and your website gets the added reputation boost of being associated with a known leader.
Create Intrigue
Treat your social posts as article headlines. The content should be concise and should grab the audience’s attention. The goal should be to get the fan/follower to click from your post to receive the full story. This will drive traffic to your site. To track clicks from your posts, make sure you are using a link shortner like bit.ly.
Give your audience something more each time.
You are building a business and brand-building takes time and efforts. What you do today in terms of your marketing strategies connects with what you will do tomorrow and eventually, over a period of time, your brand identity will strengthen. Don’t always post promotional content on your social media platforms, but offer your visitors more value in terms of the information you provide, which will also make them want to visit your pages again.
unanswered questions - brainstorming concept
Ask Questions
When you’re unsure about what to do, ask a question and then answer it. Often you can use questions that your audience is asking on social media and in forums to frame your content to be something they want to consume. You can bet if one person has asked the question, more than one wants the answer.
We hope the above tips help you produce your next lot of engaging content, or at least make it seem a little less daunting to write. If you need more hands on support then don’t hesitate to Contact us and find out more about our content creation services.
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