5 Tips To Creating Powerful Instagram Content


What are you trying to communicate with your overall content marketing strategy? If you don’t know, you can bet your followers won’t. Whether you’re the generous brand focused on raising awareness for homelessness or the funny brand that makes videos to make people laugh, you want to use Instagram to reinforce that message.

Here’s how you can use Instagram for Content Marketing.


creative visuals

Images need to be sharp and high quality, which means you need to take lighting, colour scheme and equipment in to consideration. Avoid using your smartphone to take a boring photo of your product sitting on your table, underneath poor office lighting. Instead, take images of your brand in interesting settings and use the apps built-in editing features to play around with the contrast, framing and saturation.



To increase brand consciousness: company values, reputation and overall image have to be consistent across all digital platforms. Not only do they reflect professionalism, coherence and a strong voice for the company that can then be universally recognised, is equally vital.



It is vital for companies to strike a fair balance between formality and spontaneity (at least the semblance of it) when on Instagram. As aforementioned, users are inclined to engage and interact when a particular content strikes a chord; from current events to the user’s social environment. As such, a much more personal relationship between consumer and brand can be forged.



Prefabricated information, especially from company Instagrams, is generally off putting. Not restricted to 140 characters, nor limited by any kind of monetary budget, Instagram serves as a personal and trusted platform for consumers to receive input or feedback regarding a particular product. When done right, the emotional resonance and personal touch heightens the trustworthiness of the product and more significantly, the company as a whole.


brand c

Building a successful Instagram campaign does not end with the content you post. It is equally important to involve yourself and your followers in the community your brand is trying to build. This can be done easily by responding to follower comments, following relevant influencers and mentioning them in posts.

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