5 Steps to Creating an Effective Email Opt-In Page

  1. Who do you want?
Without a clear and detailed understanding of who you want, you can’t craft a message that resonates strongly enough to spark interest and gain trust.
Take the time to figure out who you really want on your list in terms of your ultimate goal, which is likely to be moving enough of them to customer or client. Then and only then will you know how to “speak their language” with your opt-in copy.
  1. What do you want them to do?
Your email opt-in page has one goal — to get people to sign up to your email list. Every word and element of the page should support that single action. If it doesn’t, lose it.
In many cases, that means creating a page so focused on the opt-in that you take an approach that’s different from your normal site design.
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  1. What are the essential elements?
No exceptions, you absolutely must have:
– The headline
– The benefits
– The call to action
– The opt-in form
  1. What incentive should you give?
It’s always been a smart tactic to offer an up-front incentive,  to convince people to sign up for your list. This could be a free report, webinar, audio seminar, or other instant-gratification freebie. In many markets, this strategy still works just fine.
  1. How long should your copy be?
Same as it ever was: As long as necessary, and no longer. In the case of an opt-in page, the essentials have to be there: headline, benefits, and call to action. But going back to step one, a bit more copy will help you better target the exact type of person you want on your list.
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