5 Easy Ways To Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose content book
How do you repurpose your marketing content? Producing and distributing marketing content to keep audiences engaged with your brand can seem time consuming and costly.There are often multiple people involved in the process: copywriters, designers, SEO specialists, social media marketers, and others, which can make content marketing quite the investment.
So here are 5 easy ways to repurpose what you already have.


1.- Turn Old Blog Posts Into Guides

Old blog posts provide a lot of excellent content to be repurposed. Assemble the multiple blogs you’ve written on a topic and turn them into an easy-to-access guide with multiple aspects.


2.- Make a Presentation

Turn your blog post into a presentation on SlidesShare. Make a few graphics and out them into the program, and you have  new repurposed content

3.-Create Infographics from written content

Do you have a favorite blog that you want more people to read? Consider chopping it down into short points and putting them in infographic form.



4.-Turn your content into powerful videos

One of the best types of content to repurpose is evergreen content. This gives you more topics to work with, and helps you create something that will be worthwhile in the future.

5.- Host a podcast based off of a blog post

Podcasts are a hot commodity right now, and your written content provides some great resources for one (or several). Look at your popular posts and then host a podcast talking more in-depth on them.


In summary, content repurposing can be a very efficient way to make the most of your great content creation efforts. Numerous content pieces can stem from just one main idea, each catering to a different audience in a unique way. The process of repurposing can save you time and money and extend your initial content marketing investment, making it a worthwhile strategy.
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