10 Steps to Building a Powerful Personal Brand

personal brand
One of the best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge, and overall worth in today’s competitive job market is to create a personal brand that helps you stand out in the crowd.
This article explores 10 steps to creating a successful personal brand.


Find out how others see you

Ask trusted colleagues, co-workers, and friends for four or five adjectives they would use to describe you.
What are you good at? What are your strengths? In which areas do they view you as “irreplaceable?”


Identify your goals

Where would you like to be in six months? One year? Five years? Ten years?
Defining your goals is necessary to crafting a message that helps you reach them.


Review your brand (and how you portray it) frequently

Are you portraying your brand in a way that’s concise and easily understood?
Is your brand message consistent among all platforms? A regular review will ensure your message remains clear.
"Who are you" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

Go offline

Be sure to promote your brand in person, too.
Join and participate in industry groups, give talks at conferences, or offer to spearhead a large project that highlights your unique talents.


Become a social networker

Set up accounts at social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Ask those in your target audience to subscribe to your pages, and update on a daily basis.


Anything other than the real you won’t do. Discover exactly what makes you fascinating. Build your brand on your true strengths.



Valuable content has magnetic power. Create an interesting mix of content to earn the mindshare and trust your brand needs.


Define Your Audience

To focus on the needs of your readers, you must define their pain points and identify how can you help. Conducting surveys will be very useful.


An insightful website is the engine of your personal brand. Your blog is its fuel. You need to start a blog, and once you do, there’s no stopping.



People remember how you made them feel. What you say is important, but how you say it is even more important. Develop a unique and genuine voice
Personal branding is an easy process; just that you will be needed to devote a certain amount of time to it each and every day. Also, with a bit of careful planning, you will be able to reach your goals quicker. Remember, patience is a virtue and you will need it in plenty.
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