10 Effective CopyWriting Tips

10 Effective CopyWriting Tips
No one clicks on your links. No one comments on your posts or shares them. Why? You already know that words have power. Everybody in marketing and sales knows this. Web copy is often the difference between visitors and leads, and leads and customers. So, have you really worked on each and every word on each and every page? Here are 10 tips that will get you more attention on social media.
1.- Find a Unique Selling Proposition
2.- Know your Audience
3.- Determine your Value Proposition
4.- Use a Compelling Subject Line
5.- Establish an Objective
6.- Don’t use passive Voice-Write in the Present Tense
7.- Keep your copy clean and concise
8.- Include a customer quote
9.- Avoid weasel words
10.- Write a great Headline
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