10 Content Ideas for your business Twitter account

10 Content Ideas for your business twitter account
Success to be… engaging, building relationships and providing value. While it may seem simple, if done effectively, it can propel your business to much higher levels of success.
Keeping those core values in mind, we are providing you with 10 “basic” ideas to help you use Twitter for your business.
1.-Get involved in trending hastags with your own commentary
2.-Give advice about your industry, products or services
3.-Post “rich” content including videos,  podcasts and images. They don’t have to just be form your company or sector
4.-Photos and news about your team when they’re out of the office
5.-Be a Human. Say good morning or hello
6.-Give help or advice to others asking for it
7.-Quotes from leading industry authority figures
8.-Tell a funny story or joke
9.-Help connect people
10.-Content that sparks emotion
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